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Something Interesting to Do? Here are Some Ideas for Elders

University of the Third Age:

The u3a movement is a UK-wide collection of 1000+ charities that run local and online member-led learning for those no longer in full time work. The emphasis is on learning, meeting new people, and having fun whilst you’re at it. There’s something for everyone in the free online learning events, interactive sessions and in-person trips and talks, and u3a often partners with institutions like the British Library and National Gallery to put these events on.

Age UK:

Did you know that Age UK runs day centres around the country to provide older people with practical assistance and a chance to socialise? The day centres include support from trained staff and volunteers, and involve everything from day trips to quizzes and arts and crafts! You can use their website to see if there are any near you. The website also has a function which allows you to type your post code in and see if there are any Age UK-run exercise classes in your area.

+50 Lifestyles:

This site is a trove of information! Supposedly fed up of browsing websites that only catered towards a younger group, this blog is dedicated to creating infor-mation that seniors will want to read and will actually find useful. There is a wealth of useful articles, from how to refurbish your garden, to easily and simply adapting a living space to suit mobility needs.


Lumosity is a website dedicated to brain games and cognitive exercises. Designed to sharpen the mind in entertaining and fun ways, the full suite of training areas includes: memory, attention, flexibility, problem solving, word, maths and speed. All that’s required is a free sign up and you can access 3 games a day (more than enough to train the brain!) and personalised training insights. The more we engage our brain with cognitive exercises, the healthier our mind is, and Lumosity makes it easy with games accessible on computers, laptops, tablets and phones.  

Senior Planet:

Senior Planet is a tech-oriented guide for seniors, and is a great place to start im-mersing yourself in the opportunities internet sites and blogs have to offer. Ac-cording to Senior Planet, their goal is to “enable older adults and people of all ages to come together and find ways to learn, work, create, exercise and thrive in today’s digital age”. Though the organisation is US-based, you can join the variety of free virtual classes from anywhere in the world, and the times of these are usually in the morning, meaning they fit nicely into an evening in UK time. These classes cover everything from fitness to language to using Facebook, to questions you might have about using Zoom, and have been created to help keep seniors learning, exploring and connecting. There are also numerous articles and ‘threads’ you can read and reply to, to interact with.

Author Bio:

Chania is a freelance writer with experience in publishing and copywriting. Chania has previously worked for Linen Press, the UK's leading independent female publishing press, as well as working as a copywriter for a global design consultancy with high-profile international clients.

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