The ILA story

Independent Living Advisers was born out of the real experiences of the founders. We are all of a generation where almost every conversation turns to - "And how are your parents?" - followed by a long explanation of concerns, fears and frustrations. And sometimes we, and our friends, have disappeared for weeks on end to try and sort out a parental crisis. 



So we decided to do something about it, by launching a completely new level of support for the elderly and their families.  Independent Living Advisers is founded from a passion to help those we love through precious times, improving their quality of life, reducing risk of crisis and staving off any need to enter residential care.


Talking to medical and community care professionals it became apparent that our experiences were not unusual and a result of our parents living longer, not always in good health, compounded by the underfunding and even dismantling of some health and care services. 


GPs recognise this but there is simply not enough time and resource for them to provide the wide-ranging support they agree is needed to holistically assess the circumstances, organise community-based help and monitor the situation.


Professional Oversight

Dr Sally Smith

Dr Sally Smith RN, MSc, DN is passionate about safety and quality of care.  Indeed her doctoral thesis focused on keeping deteriorating patients safe.  Sally has worked with the critically ill for many years, and more recently spent a year in the field of dementia care.  She has a heart for the elderly and strongly believes in the provision of person-centred, safe and effective care to maximise a person's dignity, wishes and independence


Senior health care professionals provide professional oversight to ensure the service genuinely operates best practice, gives the right advice and makes the right interventions.


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