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The ILA story

Independent Living Advisers was established to help older people stay independent for longer and improve their quality of life.  In doing so, it reduces risk, prevents crises and provides ongoing support and advice to clients and their families.  

As a member of the original ILA team, Cecilia Trueman is a director and continues to provide cost-effective, high quality ILA services.  As a general nurse and having been a midwife, Cecilia has frontline experience in elderly care, previously working in nursing homes.  Having always been involved with care in the community, Cecilia also set up and ran a branch of a local care agency.  



Cecilia cares passionately about our ILA clients and provides an exceptional, attentive, understanding and productive support.  Her ability to recognise when clients need ‘that little extra’ help or advice to help them stay in their own home, based on her extensive knowledge and experience; which means that she can quickly make all necessary arrangements. 


Since the beginning, ILA and Cecilia have recognised people’s needs; and in the 2017 started to introduce household support which has proven to be invaluable to clients and their families alike.



Cecilia Trueman

Professional Oversight

Dr Sally Smith

Dr Sally Smith RN, MSc, DN is passionate about safety and quality of care.  Indeed her doctoral thesis focused on keeping deteriorating patients safe.  Sally has worked with the critically ill for many years, and more recently spent a year in the field of dementia care.  She has a heart for the elderly and strongly believes in the provision of person-centred, safe and effective care to maximise a person's dignity, wishes and independence


Senior health care professionals provide professional oversight to ensure the service genuinely operates best practice, gives the right advice and makes the right interventions.


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