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What Our Clients Said About Our Services


What you said

"This is excellent, just what I need" Dody


"A smashing service, you are buying peace of mind" Joan


"The key to this is seeing the same people. They see you, they understand you" Alan and Barbara


"They need to be a registered decent person with kindness in their heart. I don't mind it being a business but they must be truly caring" Alma

"I first met Cecelia when my mother was at Burrswood and was impressed with the comprehensive service she provided. When you first find yourself having to care for an elderly parent its difficult to know what is available or how to find help and it's reassuring to find a company that can help guide and assist you.   I would have no hesitation in recommending" Linda

What families say

"There is no price you can put on peace of mind" Shirley


"It's in the night I worry the most. What would I do if something happened?" Shirley


"Just look at this place, I've lived here 50 years. It's close to town, has parking, a conservatory and the garden. The neighbours are excellent. Most important it holds my memories. I would prefer to stay here regardless" Siobhan

What GPs Say

"What I want for my parents is a care package in their own home that does not rely heavily on social care where it's an underpaid lottery" Vivienne


"They hide things, we wouldn't have a clue" Penny and Peter


What family said

"This is going to be effective. Being a busy GP practice we are unable to provide holistic care and fulfil patient's wider needs"


"This will improve quality of life and prevent admissions and thus lessen the strain on secondary services"


"Urgently and long overdue, and poorly done by GPs who instead firefight and are not suited to this role"

"My mother is a silent worrier, I can't say - you should - they reject value judgements. Father is in age denial, short tempered and fearful. They say character flaws exacerbate with age. They live in the moment as though death is imminent and won't talk about the future to me. This failure to confront forces all the guilt onto me, I want to do the best for my parents" Vivienne


"This is just the price of a holiday, and they don't go on holiday anymore" Vivienne


What GPs said

"I have said for years that a single integrated point of contact for support would massively benefit elderly viulnerable patients and their family"


"Most of the elderly have no effective support from family and are isolated and unable to get help when needed"


"Fills the vacuum caused by social funding cuts"

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