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Successful couple of days at Guidelines Live 2019 and great to meet so many people. Thank you for visiting us at the Stand and congratulations to our Champagne winners Elizabeth and Evgeniy.

Guidelines Live 2019 Conference & Exhibi

Hear ILA in Radio 5 discussion on Care Minister's controversial statement "We should be responsible for the care of our parents". 


ILA founder Julian Dent explains the valuable role of ILA in supporting the elderly and their families. Care Minister David Mowat recognises the need for a re-think of the underfunded care system and says it is in danger of falling apart. Radio 5 asks "should we do more".

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ILA on Radio 5 - Caring at Home
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Independent Living Advisers - Available now in West Kent, Surrey and Sussex. 


Independent Living Advisers is available now in West Kent, Surrey and Sussex. We are expanding our coverage so don't hesitate to contact us even if we are not yet in your area.



GPs support ILA 

Survey of GPs highlights concerns over their ability to support the elderly and the benefits to patients of Independent Living Advisers. Find out more here.

Nevill WI

A big thank you to the ladies of Nevill WI for listening to our talk: Home is best




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