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"At Home" Service

We provide safe and secure elderly home support service in your own home.

Despite your old age, you want to continue living independently in your own home. But as time goes on you need a little more assistance. We are the right people who can help you stay in your own home. Our expert in home care adviser will put that household and home support in place, so you can get on with living life at home. Your in home support adviser will arrange housekeeping support and more as needed to allow you to enjoy living life at home (instead of - Our expert in home elderly care adviser will put that support in place, so you can get on with living life at home). Your adviser will get to know you and what you want so if you want they can act as your remote concierge and: for example they can assist you with appointments and coordinate professional advice. Right now we provide our elderly home care services in Kent, Surrey, Sussex, East Sussex, West Sussex, West Kent and nearby regions through our highly skilled elderly home care support advisers.

The ILA Advisers are at the Center of Our Home Support for Elders. See below some examples:

  • Organise appointments

  • Assess & source the type of care/support needed

  • Consider benefits (e.g. attendance allowance )

  • Emergency plan (e.g. personal alarms, fire service advice )

  • Assist with legal & money matters

  • Source specialists (e.g. physiotherapy, occupational therapy, opticians, hearing )

  • Advise & help with meal options

  • Enable practical matters (e.g. laundry services, gardening, household maintenance )

  • Consider coping strategies (e.g. addressing memory issues)

  • Signpost to relevant groups (e.g. for activities, holidays, Christmas arrangements )


ILA also finds support workers to provide: compatible, trustworthy, reliable, long-term helpers with housekeeping & domestic chores.


Your friendly, professional Adviser

Home Supprt for Older Generation

We provide all required advisory support for seniors who want to stay in their home and not go into a home. So our expert elderly independent living advisors are the people who can help you stay in your own home without going to a care home. We provide ongoing advice and support to enable older people to stay in their own home for longer. We explore for example things like: health matters, living aids and general mobility challenges, practical matters, and community matters. 

Our first visit is a free consultation for you to hear more about the service and meet your prospective adviser. If you like what you see and hear we will look together at all the aspects that will enable you to carry on living independently, and make your life more comfortable and enjoyable.


Our expert elderly independent living assistance adviser then navigate amongst the many public and private sector providers to put in place the right solutions for you, at the right price.

Home Support for Elderly Parents in Their Own Homes

Our Senior Care Advisers are locally based healthcare professional so you can be confident that their advice makes sense. Your Adviser will be with you for the long term so you can build trust and confidence in their ability to organise the home support and service quality you expect. We are professional and expert in providing home support for elderly parents, home support for seniors, home support for parents living alone, home support for elders with dementia, home support for elders with alzheimer, home care for disabled elderly loved ones, home care service for older people, and support for seniors who want to stay in their home and do not want to go into a care home. 


Your Adviser will visit regularly to make sure everything is going well, and when things change will adjust the support so you always have the right level of help and care. 


Your family can have the reassurance that you have good and trusted support in place . Learn more about how we work with family and carers.

Elderly Home Care Service

If there is a crisis our ILA Hospital to Home crisis support service is available to you establishing what is needed and organising the practicalities so you can get back on your feet and safely return home.


If you are interested in the ILA service then you can contact us for a brochure, and arrange for an Adviser to visit so you can meet for a free initial consultation and get to know each other and more about the service. Because of long list of satisfied clients and high experience in elderly home support service we are also known as one of the leading elderly home support agency in the region.


An Example of How We Help


Margaret had been managing well on her own, driving herself around and participating in Church interests. She has three children, but they are not local and find it hard to visit regularly. The house and garden were a little run down and there was the usual catalogue of aches and pains. Then Margaret had a car accident which meant she had to give up driving, and suddenly everything seemed too hard.


ILA At Home stepped in and helped the family understand that Margaret needed more help to stay safe and well in her own home and suggested how they could get more involved. 

Independent Living Home Support for Elderly Parents

Elderly Care Service

We engaged Margaret's local GP to improve pain relief for her hip and help her push for the option of an operation.  We arranged for volunteer transport to get to Church and to help with shopping, and recommended help to clean the house, update the bathroom and fix a fence.  This really helped Margaret’s spirits and we now visit regularly to take care of new challenges as they arise.​ Our home support adviser can also arrange elderly local support to help with chores around the house if it is needed.

We find compatible, long term home support workers to provide help in your home with housekeeping and domestic chores. Be it cooking, cleaning, ironing or simply sewing on a button, our people work with you to help make your life easier.


What ILA Costs?

The ILA At Home service costs we will tailor to your needs and how often you need our help.


Private services introduced by ILA as part of your support plan will be contracted and paid for separately with prior agreement.

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"There is no price you can put on peace of mind" Shirley


"This is just the price of a holiday" Vivienne


"I am so pleased my mum said yes to this" Rachel


"It's not expensive when you think about the cost of a care home" Joan


"We just want the best for them, it's money well spent" Roger

Elderlyl Home Support.jpg
We work with family and carers to provide the very best all round support for your elderly parents
Elder Parents Home Care Service

You want best support for your loved ones

Independent Living Services for Elderly

We recognise you want to do the very best for your elderly loved ones, but however hard you try there are limitations to what you can do. You may be living some distance away and be busy with jobs and children. We offer friendly, professional advice and take the load off by organising the right level of support. There is a vital role in monitoring over the long term and adjusting the support as required. This can also include making sure that unpaid carers are themselves looked after and have help to recover their energy when it is needed.


We aim to work with family and unpaid carers to provide the very best all-round support. We aim to enhance your relationship by taking care of practical and burdensome matters leaving time for family visits to be positive and emotionally supportive.










  • Trustworthy, knowledgeable advice in the best interest of your loved one

  • Working together with your loved ones and family in a supportive way

  • Continuous monitoring and honest feedback to family

  • Helps forward plan which is vital to avoid or deal with a crisis

  • Expert navigation and support through options at every stage

  • Support to family and unpaid carers as well as your loved one at time of crisis

  • Saving or delaying the significant costs of residential care

Grand Parents Home Care Service


How We Help Families

We bring local professional knowledge, so can ensure that appropriate medical support and care is in place, and that all relevant services are being utilised to the full. Knowing what is available and good locally, what to avoid and which commercial services offer the highest quality standards ensures that your loved ones receive the very best care.


Should a crisis occur your Adviser will respond rapidly to help both your loved one and family cope by assessing the circumstances, explaining the options and organising the support elements to ensure a rapid and safe return home. Our experience is that the family need to concentrate at this time on emotional support and are often not well placed to manage the practicalities for the return home. We provide support over the critical early months to make sure your elderly parents or grand parents remains safe and well.

"What I want for my elderly parents is a care package in their own home that does not rely heavily on social care where it's an underpaid lottery" Vivienne


"ILA gives me peace of mind that there is someone there for them, keeping an eye out for trouble" Joan

How we work with GPs and medical professionals
We are all part of a professional community dedicated to ensuring the best outcomes
Senior Home Care Service


Working together for the best outcomes

Home Care Services for Elders and Home Chores Support for Elderly

Independent Living Advisers is passionate about providing the very best advice and organising support for our clients to enable them to live more fulfilling, safe and comfortable lives in their own home. In advising and representing our clients and their family we will draw on the expertise and support of health and care professionals and providers. We actively seek the support of GPs, Geriatricians, Community Nurses and Social Services staff. We are all part of a professional community dedicated to ensuring the best outcomes.



Ageing Parents Home Care Service

We take our responsibility seriously, employing fully qualified nurses acting under the supervision of a Senior Medical Consultant and we will be pleased to visit and explain our service more fully to you. 


In developing the Independent Living Advisers service we have undertaken extensive consultation and research amongst GPs and other professionals. 


GPs believe it is difficult for older patients to identify and access the support they need to continue living safely and comfortably in their own home. This is not because of the actions or limitations of the patients themselves but because of the fragmentation and lack of co-ordination in services. The quality of community care available to the elderly is also lacking.

Independent Living Assistance For Elderly

GPs strongly endorse the value to patients of the ILA service offering expert advice and help to enable elderly parents and their families plan ahead, put the best support in place and cope with crises. 90% say the new ILA service would be valuable or very valuable to patients and their families.The ILA service is seen as important and valuable because it also provides the elderly and their families with daily chores support to plan ahead and implement effective measures, which GPs do not have the time or capability to provide holistically.


In doing so the service will free-up NHS resources and reduce unnecessary admissions, improving the quality of life for the vulnerable elderly.  The need for the ILA service is increasing, and un-met.The new ILA service is also of value to GPs, for instance by reducing workload and helping focus on the most serious of cases and incidents.  89% of GPs surveyed say the new service would be valuable or very valuable to their practice. 


How we help GPs


  • Patient centred  individual care plan and monitoring

  • Holistic approach including medical, practical, psycho-social

  • Ensuring the elderly understand their medical requirements and risks

  • Ensuring the elderly access the medical services appropriately

  • Ensuring medication compliance

  • Holistic, long term support for dementia

  • Reduce the burden of NHS care enabling focus where it is most needed

  • Save GP time

  • Future planning, anticipating and heading off crisis

  • Reduced A&E attendance

  • Avoiding admission and re-admission

  • Freeing beds by enabling safe, early release

Support for Elderly Parents

"I have said for years that a single integrated point of contact for support would massively benefit elderly viulnerable patients and their family"


"Most of the elderly have no effective support from family and are isolated and unable to get help when needed"


"Fills the vacuum caused by social funding cuts"

How we work with Service Providers
Together we deliver the very best quality of service which support you to live in your own home
Home Support for Older People


Working together for quality

Home Care For Elderly Parents

Independent Living Advisers provides the highest quality professional advice, recommends and organises wide ranging relevant services for our clients, but stops short of actually providing the services we recommend. We do however check that the service provided meets the expectation of the client, and our own high service standards.


Often our recommendation will result in an introduction and new business for a service provider. 


If you are a provider of specific high quality services which will be relevent to the wider needs of our clients then we would like to hear from you. The advice we give to our clients is completely independent - so any discounts we negotiate with you will be passed on to our clients. Our decision to recommend is based on the quality of your service provision, and we will check that this is actually delivered.


In some cases our expectations for quality may exceed your current commercial service standard, and we will be interested in developing with you a higher standard service for our clients, even if this results in higher, but fair, fees paid by our clients. Right now we provide our services in Sussex, Surrey, West Kent, East Sussex, and nearby region.




Call us now 01892 210100

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