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For Our Elders A Little Help Could Make Life Easier and Prevent the Need For a Care Home.

ILA works with a range of clients from all sorts of backgrounds, and though our support plans may vary, they all revolve around one key cornerstone; attentive, compassionate and caring.

Better Quality of Life

Our clients come to us for help when they are in the position of no longer being able to sustain a satisfactory quality of life. Though this is a potentially daunting life transition, we have the knowledge and expertise to enable our clients to live with as much independence as possible. Our goal is to help those who need it - whether that’s arranging and facilitating live-in care, or just a little day-to-day help. Whilst no situation is ever exactly the same, the time and care we afford each one, never changes.

Physical and Mental Deterioration

In most cases, age becomes an issue due to physical and mental deterioration, and although a personal sense of independence remains strong, at some point it simply becomes unviable to fully manage in the same way as before. As everything becomes more difficult, the pattern that follows is one we are nearly all familiar with; a few years of frustration, wondering what to do and what support systems are in place, with decisive action often only prompted when a crisis of ill health occurs.

Choices for Families

In this situation, there are two choices most families find themselves torn between: relocation to a nursing home, or creating a more intensive, inflexible care schedule supported by family and friends. ILA exists to help families realise that these aren’t the only options - kind and professional support facilitated by a care agency can be adapted to nearly any situation and offers much wider flexibility. Part of our work is to help pair caring people with those in need - whether it’s for a quick grocery shop once a week, or more intimate and personal care. The support and care options we recommend are friendly faces, they are there not only to help but also to provide comfort and familiar interaction.

We’re proud to support those who want, and can, stay in their homes - do so. For the most part, our work means no big upheavals, no grand plans, just attentive, hands-on help to make those daily tasks a little more manageable.

At Independent Living Advisers ( we provide advice on moving an elderly person and make suggestions to help the process. We refer suitable people to help elders with support to prepare for downsizing and to be ready for a move. For more information on support services offered by ILA visit Household Support Services for Elders in Kent,Surrey,Sussex.


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