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5 Must Read Blogs We’ve Found For You

There are lots of corners of the internet offering an abundance of information, tips and tricks, and the opportunity to join a community that fosters friendships and a sense of belonging, and blogs for senior living are no different.

A blog is a type of online journal, where an individual or group can present their activities, thoughts and ideas. Blogs provide the opportunity to engage with these articles, creating a community of followers who can also interact with one another. Commonly found blogs include travel blogs, cooking blogs, lifestyle blogs… And these will all have a range of themed posts. Blogs are a way to connect widely with others who have similar interests, thoughts and beliefs (or with those who don’t!).

We’ve had a look at lots of different blogs, each focussing on different areas of ageing, and have selected our favourites for this list. From travelling the world at 70+, to styling and lifestyle tips, this is our ultimate list of some of the best blogs for ageing. Why not go and give them a read?

1. Alternative Aging

Suzi Grant is a 70-something living in Brighton, who first launched her blog in 2014 to help other people aged 50 years and over live happier, healthier lives. Alternative Aging is all about embracing your age and showing the world that you can still seek adventure, fun and style at any stage in life. Suzi has built up an impressive community not only on her blog, but also on social media (on her Instagram and YouTube profiles), and her articles range from ideal staycations in the South East of England, to collagen drinks and building an eco-garden!

2. AARP Blogs – Staying Sharp

AARP is a non-profit organisation based in the US whose mission is to empower people to choose how they live as they age. Staying Sharp is a programme that “brings science to the focus around brain health”, and whilst access to specific games, courses and resources requires AARP membership, anyone can access the wealth of in-depth articles on the Staying Sharp site. Less a traditional blog and more a collection of interesting articles on age-related topics, Staying Sharp posts are informative and useful, with titles ranging from ’20 Minutes of Exercise Can Boost Memory’ to ‘Even As You Age, Your Brain Can Improve’.

3. Grey Fox

A fashion blog authored by David Evans, Grey Fox features menswear style, fashion and lifestyle for all men, but most specifically for men over 40. Focussing on an increasing interest in British-made menswear, the content on the blog varies from fashion to a review of the latest Land Rover Discovery, to interviews with small British-business owners and reflections on gin and malt whiskeys. The theme remains the same: you’re never too old for a bit of style.

4. Sixty and Me

According to founder Margaret Manning, the blog Sixty and Me is “a community of 500,000 women over 60… on a journey to finding joy, passion and a sense of purpose in the best years of our lives.” Content covers a range of topics, from travel, to money, dating, beauty, health and mind-set. The constant positivity and inspiring nature of the blog is what sets it apart from others, and this is a great blog for anybody looking to regain energy and a lust for life.

5. Senior Nomads

Ever fancied just packing everything up and heading out to explore the world? That’s exactly what Debbie and Michael Campbell did in 2013, and they haven’t stopped since! An inspiring blog which takes you along on their adventures, the Campbells prove that travelling isn’t just for the young. Since leaving their home in Seattle, they have called over 290 Airbnbs home and visited 85 countries (and counting!). Primarily a personal travelogue rather than a travel guide, the blog features updates roughly every two weeks.

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