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GP Surveys 2015
GPs are highly supportive of Independent Living Advisers



The research shows:


GPs recognise that they, and the wider care community, are struggling to be effective in supporting the elderly.


Services are resource constrained, fragmented and lack co-ordination.


Preventative measures, and wider holistic and psycho-social care are particularly lacking.


GPs particularly value ILA’s ability to support patients over the long term in their own home, and to deal with crisis, supporting both patient and carers.


Ensuring medication compliance, planning to avoid crisis and admissions and providing long term support for dementia are critical benefits.









73% excellent benefits for patents
78% fees reasonable for quality of service
88% important benefits for GPs
84% active supporters of ILA

During 2015 Independent Living Advisers has been in active dialogue with GPs and other professionals, including independent research. 267 GPs responded to a recent survey comissioned on behalf of ILA.

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