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Welcome to ILA Elderly Home Care Adviser Services

Independent Living Advisers is dedicated to providing an expert advisory service to enable older people to continue living independently in their own home for longer, rather than un-necessarily or prematurely going into a care home. 

Our experienced healthcare professionals work closely with older people and where appropriate their family, to put in place all the elements required for a happy, safe and extended life at home.

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We Offer Three Main Services:-

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ILA "At Home"


Our “At Home” package provides a continuous service with ongoing advice and support, helping to open the necessary doors that ease the ageing journey and enabling older people to stay in their own home for longer.  We explore things such as health matters, living aids or general mobility challenges, practical matters, community matters etc, working closely with the client to understand the support or care needed and agreeing a plan to avoid a crisis.  Read more…….

Household Support

Need a little help? Our household support service, finds compatible, long term support workers to provide help in your home with housekeeping & domestic chores.  Sometimes the little things can make a big difference.  Be it cooking, cleaning, ironing or simply sewing on a button, however small the task, our people work with you to help make life easier.  Read more….

Home From Hospital

Our Advisers are experienced healthcare professionals who will visit without delay to assess and organise the support you and the family need to get you home quickly and safely.  Read more….


We provide our home care services in Sussex, Surrey, West Kent, East Sussex, and nearby regions.


Independent Living Advisers takes protection of your personal information very seriously. We never share your details to anyone. 

View our privacy policy.

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